Samsung helps your parents navigate their Galaxy devices so you dont have to S…

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Samsung helps your parents navigate their Galaxy devices so you dont have to Samsung is the app you need so that your relatives dont need you. With the holidays fast approaching every techies nightmare looms. You know its coming but theres no way you can escape it. However this just might be the tool you need to survive. You should know that its your own damn fault. Its okay we all screw up but you forgot the golden rule. Always always feign 100% ignorance of all things technical around your family. But you slipped. You goofed up. You showed Grandma how to get email on her phone that one time and that was the end of it. You sealed your own fate and you became Tech Guy. Now youre staring down the barrel of an entire weekend of yuletide troubleshooting. There might be some good news however. If your family members own Galaxy devices you can at least shovel mobile tech assistance off to Samsung. Youll still have to configure the router and get the new TV up and running but at least you wont have to worry about smartphones and tablets. Samsung aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things Galaxy related. If youre an avid Android fan then its probably not going to be of any use to you. You already know everything your device can do and youre maxing out your Galaxys capabilities with gusto. Related Videos Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Revi… Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Revie… Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! However it is the ideal app for someone who doesnt have a clue what theyre doing (like Grandma). Samsung has a clean unconfusing interface with prominently displayed links to Samsungs IT support. It also has guided tours that can help new users learn more about their device. A library of tips and tricks is being constantly expanded so users who arent interested in staying abreast of the latest updates can be gently reminded about whats different about their smartphone or tablet throughout the softwares evolution. See also: 10 tips for improving Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery life8 So this holiday season when youre trying to enjoy your eggnog and Uncle Pete cant get this damn contraption to work do yourself a favor and point him to Samsung. However if he wants you to unhook that PlayBox so he can watch The Christmas Story on repeat weve got nothing for you. If you want to see what Samsung looks like before chucking it at your relatives click the button below to grab it from the Google Play Store. Get it from the Google Play Store Next:10 best new Android apps of November 2015 Source PRO APPS

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